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Should I pay my mortgage? Is strategic default an option?

Should I pay my mortgage? Is strategic default an option? Millions of homeowners want to know should i pay my mortgage or is strategic default my only option.Watch Steve Hawks now Should I pay my Mortgage? Should I strategic default to get a principal reduction or Cash back to short sale.First of all strategic default means that a home owner stops paying their mortgage even though they can still...

Las Vegas million dollar principal reduction | reduce principal | short sale | steve hawks

Las Vegas NV, Banks Reduce Principal on million dollar homes Luxury homes in Las Vegas have seen a huge hit to the value, the only way to combat the strategic default wave is to reduce principal on these mortgages. The luxury market in Las Vegas and Henderson is at a cross roads, owners know the values are not coming back to the peak any time soon most experts say never. Watch video Las Vegas...

Bank America Reduce Mortgage Principal over 100k for home owner Steve Hawks

Reduce Mortgage Principal Today An upside down Las Vegas homeowner gets to Reduce Mortgage Principal by over 100,000 dollars.  Hundreds of thousands of Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners can now Reduce  Mortgage Principal in less than thirty days. Watch this video of Steve Hawks from Las Vegas explain how this home owner reduced their principal. This is one of many Las Vegas and Henderson...

Does Las Vegas have 55,600 future short sales in shadow inventory

 Las Vegas Strategic short sales sky rocket Home prices in Las Vegas are increasing from the absolute depths, though issues stay about the darkness stock of home foreclosures, short sales and a stubbornly high deficiency of employment rate.Read the original article 55,600 90 day lates to short sale? New Las Vegas homes today are tommorrrows Las Vegas short sales Many owners bought new las...

How to Strategic Default and get Cash from bank Short Sale

Las Vegas Home Owners Choosing Strategic Default. Millions of People in America have been seated very in houses for years as they delay out the property foreclosed process–for free. The concern is this: Should you?watch video bank pays cash for strategic default short sale.It’s something an incredible number of Las Vegas Real estate owners should  think about, especially if the property...

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