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  • Mortgage principal reduc

    AB 284 is the gift from Nevada for Las Vegas home owners. Call steve hawks today for the new AB 284 mortgage principal reduction program or short sale your home and get up to 30k to buy your new home. No cost no fees ever. We have already negotiated millions of dollars off our clients mortgages and many have received cash back from the Bank. AB 284 in its current form will only be for a limited time. Short sale today buy tomorrow. Call now 702.458.3999
  • Homeowner Advocate

    Bank of America reduce mortgage principal. The homeowner saves home. The owners were in the middle of short sale but wanted to stay in house. Bank America gave them the mortgage principal reduction. They owed 216,000 now 100,000 the home is worth 115,000! Las Vegas owner keeps home and today has equity. If you want great results like this then get great representation. Contact steve hawks today for great representation.
  • Ex-Banker tells ALL...

    Steve Hawks has worked with thousands of Las Vegas home owners since 1998. Steve Hawks has helped under water Las Vegas homeowners since 2007. Steve is one of the first agents in 2007 to help Las Vegas under water homeowner. Steve is certified home retention consultant since 2008. Never pay for help. Contact steve today to get back on the right side of Las Vegas Real estate.

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Steve Hawks | Las Vegas Short Sales

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